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Heavy towing is using a vehicle to pull and move a large, heavy-duty item. This includes vehicles that have become immobile, such as commercial trucks, buses, trailers, etc. In other cases, modular homes, heavy equipment, and large quantities of small items like work equipment or appliances are towed.

Eaton Towing specializes in towing in Midland TX for regular, heavy-duty, and emergency towing situations. We use the best Midland TX tow trucks, equipment, and techniques to efficiently tow your vehicles. Our professionals first consider the weight of the item being towed and choose the tools needed to complete any Midland TX towing project successfully.

Emergency heavy towing is done within a few hours of a request. The emergency arrival time for the tow truck varies from 10 minutes to four hours, but typically, the vehicle arrives no later than five hours.

The reasons for needing Midland TX emergency towing vary. A truck may crash and spill dangerous items onto the streets that require immediate towing in Midland TX. A bus or truck accident could leave debris on the road that is too big or heavy for a standard tow truck to carry. The debris needs to be removed immediately to avoid major traffic congestion.

Eaton Towing is a resource that every small town or nearby big city needs. Truckers drive all over the country and in the middle of the countryside they could find themselves stranded with a damaged vehicle. People who also drive self-haul moving trucks can have accidents or experience problems with their trucks. Eaton Towing’s Midland TX emergency towing will help anyone get to their destinations on time. Call Eaton Towing today for specialists that offer fast, reliable Midland TX towing.

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