24/7 Idaho Falls Towing Company

Idaho Falls Towing Company

Don’t waste precious minutes searching online for a capable Idaho Falls towing company. Instead, place one well-equipped, full-service local firm on speed dial: Eaton Towing at 208-357-7444. Contact them for fast, dependable roadside assistance on a 24/7 basis.

An All-Too-Common Problem

Idaho frequently sustains bitterly cold winter driving conditions! Temperatures sometimes plummet into the below-zero degrees Fahrenheit range. Roads across this region grow icy and treacherously slick. No one wants to wait long periods of time for a tow under these circumstances.

What happens when a car (or an RV) slides off the pavement and spins into a ditch? Delivery vans, taxi cabs, and many other commercial fleets also encounter this common problem. Quickly finding a skilled tow service in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas helps save money and prevent delays. It may even prove essential from a traffic safety standpoint.

Serving Southeastern Idaho

By contacting family-owned and operated Eaton Towing, customers gain peace of mind. They know they’ve requested assistance from a well-equipped, experienced Idaho Falls towing company. This firm operates a modern fleet of tow trucks. They supply light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles capable of towing subcompacts and huge recreational motorhomes alike.

Indeed, this firm even offers the capability to transport vehicles using a 53-foot long tilt bed! Its drivers possess the skills required to use a winch box. They help customers whose vehicles slide down hillsides or become firmly entrapped in thick mud or snow. Many commercial fleets depend upon this company. People seeking towing assistance and roadside services need only call one number in Southeastern Idaho: 208-357-7444.

Recovery And Long Haul Towing

Eaton Towing started furnishing towing services in 1947. This company boasts extensive experience in the vehicle recovery field. Its well-equipped tow trucks help customers by re-charging batteries. They also transport inoperable vehicles following collisions (the company maintains a WreckMaster Certification).

When they seek a tow service in Idaho Falls, some customers desire a company equipped to accommodate long haul towing needs and Eaton Towing meets this requirement. Their enterprise offers its services across a broad geographic area. Contact 208-357-7444 for assistance in Southeastern Idaho, 701-651-7811 for service based in Williston, North Dakota, or 432-888-1777 for towing based in Midland and Odessa, Texas!